Body Music, Percussion & Rhythm Dance

Professional Development

A significant part of our extensive Educational Outreach, we know that not only are music and classroom teachers always looking to expand arts integration, but that working with educators reaches exponentially more students.  Body Music Teacher Trainings explore kinesthetic learning, cultural representation, ensemble awareness/group dynamics, classroom management techniques and more.  ORFF Music educators have long used Keith Terry’s Body Music in their methodology. Rhythm of Math workshops specifically use Body Music rhythm blocks to teach math concepts and skills.
Outreach Programs

Children were enthralled, entertained and highly amused by the Crosspulse performers. No seconds were wasted, and the performers were enthusiastically cool and extremely energizing.

Finally I found music I can dance to and snap my fingers to and sing to! It was marvelously good.

Crosspulse is an excellent group!! All of the performers were so enthusiastic that it was very easy to get into the music. My students were completely engrossed in the performance the entire time. Their music is wonderful exposure to rhythm. This was one of the best performances I’ve seen!”

Just wanted to let you know your assembly was a big success. The teachers review each assembly and you got all 5’s (out of 5) and comments like ‘my favorite assembly,’ ‘loved it,’ ‘must have them come back again.’ So, thank you for a fabulous performance (making me look good).