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Body Music, Part 4 with Keith Terry DVD Body Music, Part 4 with Keith Terry Instructional DVD
(2019) CPVD010 $25 Hard Copy + Shipping

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Rhythm Blocks Polymeters Crosspulses Polyrhythms Odd Time Signatures

Body Music: Part Four introduces more advanced technique exercises, and an in-depth look at polymeters, half-time/double-time, polyrhythms in 5, and crosspulses 3:2, 4:3, 5:3, 5:4.

With Nuria Bowart, Bryan Dyer and Evie Ladin.
Includes Footage of Keith Terry's ensemble Corposonic in performance.

Running Time: 75 minutes
© Keith Terry, 2019

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"Keith has the ability of making the mysterious complexities of rhythmaculture accessible to us, without losing its depth. Keith has been an inspiration to me for more years than I can count.
—Arthur Hull, Village Music Circles
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