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Body Music, Part 3 with Keith Terry DVD Body Music, Part 3 with Keith Terry Instructional DVD
(2014) CPVD007 $25 Hard Copy + Shipping

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Rhythm Blocks Crosspulses Phasing Polyrhythms Polymeters

Body Music: Part Three introduces more advanced technique exercises, an in-depth look at crosspulses 3 over 2 and 6 over 4, and polyrhythms based on those crosspulses.

With Nuria Bowart, Bryan Dyer and Evie Ladin.
Includes Footage of Keith Terry's ensemble Corposonic in performance.

Running Time: 100 minutes
© Keith Terry, 2014

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Keith Terry's work has been transforming music education for decades.
—Doug Goodkin, Music Educator & Author
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