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Body Tjak/The Celebration CD Body Tjak/The Celebration The Soundtrack Performance CD
(2001) CPCD003 $15

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This is the second collaboration of Keith Terry and I Wayan Dibia, performed by an international ensemble of twelve renowned musicians and dancers from North and South America and the Indonesian islands of Bali, West Java and Sumatra.

Blending and bending artistic and cultural boundaries, this SOUNDTRACK CD weaves together body music, rhythm dance, kecak, saman, drums, flutes, gongs, rocks, bamboo, banjo, water and voice.

The work premiered at the Bali Arts Festival in July 1999, and went on to a two week run at Theatre Artaud in San Francisco in October 1999.

BODY TJAK/THE CELEBRATION was directed by I Wayan Dibia and Keith Terry; created and performed by: Metrizal Bin Afrizal, Dewa Putu Bratha, Edgardo Camb—n, I Wayan Dibia, Tacuma King, Evie Ladin, Susas Rita Loravianti, Robert Moses, Kelly Takunda Orphan, Endang Rukandi, Ida Ayu Arya Satyani and Keith Terry.

BODY TJAK/THE CELEBRATION SOUNDTRACK was recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA, and produced by Andy Narell & Keith Terry.

Hear selections from this album:

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In its wonderfully unique yet universal mingling of East and West, and without thorny ideological ramifications, BODY TJAK is a refreshing and almost flawlessly executed work of art. It is gentle but not slack, charming but not cute, and both inspirational and thoroughly entertaining.
—San Francisco Bay Guardian
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